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Non 12 Step Drug Rehab

Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Program

Non 12 step drug rehab programs take a different approach to recovery.

While there are many different types of drug rehab programs that incorporate the twelve steps into treatment, not all people benefit from the twelve step recovery model.  For those who do not respond well to twelve step rehab or for those who are not interested in a spiritual awakening, there are many non 12 step drug rehab programs that provide treatment and care without utilizing a series of steps that lead to spiritual awakening.  Non 12 step rehab programs include Rational Recovery, SMART Recovery and Women for Sobriety, Inc.

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery is one type of non 12 step rehab program that provides counseling, guidance and direction to assist the recovering addict in maintaining their abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse.  This non twelve step recovery method uses self-improvement and recovery rather than spiritual improvement to provide the foundation for addiction recovery.  Rational Recovery was developed by Jack Trimpey during the 1980s and continues to be used in many long term drug rehab programs today.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is based on the acronym that stands for Self Management and Recovery Training.  This type of non 12 step recovery helps those suffering from addiction to find ways to maintain abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse by reducing addictive behaviors or modifying such behaviors.  This type of recovery includes meetings that help participants to learn various recovery method that have been derived from an evidence based approach.  Although this is a non 12 step recovery program, SMART does incorporate a series of seven steps into its treatment plan.

Women for Sobriety, Inc

Recognizing that women have special needs when it comes to recovery from addiction, Women for Sobriety, Inc is an addiction recovery group that focuses on women only and does not use a series of steps or focus on a Higher Power.  This non 12 step rehab program focuses on the delicate topics that affect women in recovery including family, relationships and sexuality.  Women for Sobriety is not an anti-male group nor are they radical feminists, they are simply a group that looks to help women heal from addiction by focusing on their individual needs.