Long Term Drug Rehab

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Paying for Long Term Drug Rehab

 Long Term Drug Rehab

Paying for long term drug rehab can be affordable.

Many questions arise when the thought of drug rehab comes up.  How much will it cost?  How will I afford it?  What options do I have to help me pay for it?  After addiction has already taken a significant financial toll on a family, paying for long term drug rehab can be almost as devastating as the addiction itself.  Fortunately, there are many options available to you when it comes to finding ways to cover the cost of long term drug rehab without breaking the bank.

The most common options available to help those suffering from addiction to cover the cost of long term drug rehab include sliding fee scales, community based programs, insurance coverage and assistance from friends, family members or work.  Here is a look at how each of these options can be used to help you successfully cover the cost of long term drug rehab without placing a further financial burden on the addict or those who care about the individual.

Sliding Fee Structures

Many rehab centers, especially long term drug rehab centers provide sliding fee structures to assist those in need of treatment with finding a way to pay for such care.  Sliding fees allow the patient to pay based on their income level so those with a greater ability to pay may pay a bit more than those who do not have as much financial ability to make payments.  These schedules provide the patient with the ability to make payments towards their own treatment and rehabilitation on a percentage factor rather than requiring a full payment from everyone.  Not all long term drug rehab programs offer sliding fee scales but many are even willing to accommodate the needs of the patient if you simply ask!

Community Support Groups

If you really just can’t afford rehab there is still an option for help; community support groups provide free or almost free services to those who otherwise may not be able to get the help they need due to their own financial inabilities.  Community support groups are often able to provide additional funding to those who require inpatient treatment and care and can sometimes even help to secure treatment for those who cannot afford it.  Many different community support groups exist so it’s important to talk with your local department, government offices and similar entities to find out what type of community support may be available to assist you in overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Insurance for Drug Rehab

Many rehab centers accept insurance and many insurance plans provide at least minimal coverage for addiction treatment.  It’s important that you first talk with your insurance company to find out what coverage is available to you and then you can work to find a long term drug rehab center that will accept your insurance plan.  Talk with your insurance company to find local rehab centers that can help and make sure to get all the details regarding coverage, what is not covered and how to file a claim.

Assistance from Friends, Family Members or Work

Many companies will assist their own employees in finding and paying for drug rehab simply to prevent the need to hire a new employee, train the employee and take the risk that comes with a new hire.  Rather than go through all of this work, if you’re a good employee, there’s a chance that your employer will understand your need for help and may even be willing to help you cover the cost of treatment in an effort to get you back into work as quickly as possible.

Additionally, friends and family members who care about the individual suffering from addiction may also be willing to help in any way that they can.  While the idea here is not to place a financial burden on anyone, most family members or friends would be willing to help you pay for long term drug rehab if you simply would ask for help.  There is no dignity lost by swallowing your pride and asking for help to pay for treatment.  Addiction is devastating to everyone involved but family members and friends will happily help you pay for the cost of treatment in hopes of getting their loved one back, drug and alcohol free.