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Long Term Drug Rehab vs. Short Term Rehab

Long Term Drug Rehab vs. Short Term Rehab Programs

There are many differences in long term and short term drug rehab.

When it comes to terms of rehabilitation, there are a couple of options for people to consider. Depending on the nature of the need, there are long term options as well as short term stints that appeal to various cases and individual need.

For drug addictions, the need for recovery is one of the most detailed processes in the world. No two situations are the same, as every person’s level of addiction can vary and therefore their recovery and freedom from it will differ too.

Difference Between Long Term Drug Rehab and Short Term Rehab

Experts and medical professionals suggest that for any real addiction to drugs, users should be subjected to a period no shorter than 90 days. This would in fact give them a chance to really free themselves from the hold that the addictive drug actually has on their body, anything over 60 days is considered long term treatment, and under this would be short term.

Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term treatment plans are ideal for addicts that can do little else but something related to their addiction. These treatment facilities offer numerous ways to break someone of their habit, the most powerful factor of all being time. Separating yourself from the drug for 3 or more months can allow even the most hardened addict an opportunity to find clarity and see the damage the substance was doing. Treatment often involves group activities and counseling, but also a weening process to help those on even the hardest of drugs to step down gradually and without much incident.

Benefits of Short Term Drug Rehab

Short term treatment has a few benefits. One, this is often the kind of treatment that is covered by insurance, so for shorter treatment cycles like this, the personal finances involved are limited. Furthermore, treatment plans on a shorter scale like this are good for those who are not deep into their addiction. For those just getting a taste or starting to lose control, 30 days away from the drug might give them enough time to reevaluate their life and find will to resist it. If nothing else, it was able to give them a month or more of being clean.

There are advantages to both long term and short term rehab clinics for drug users who are attempting to reform their life. You have to assess which system seems to fit the situation the best, what you are able to afford, or even what clinics exist around you and the availability of these clinics for either one of these options.