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Is Outpatient Drug Rehab What You’re Looking For?

Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

Outpatient drug rehab gives you the time you need to take care of other obligations in your life.

When you or someone you love is in need of help with a drug addiction finding the right source can seem daunting. Different circumstances require different types of services. Emotions are high during this time and knowing if outpatient drug rehab will be the proper fit or not can make all the difference.

Understanding Outpatient Drug Rehab

The first step in making a choice means one must understand what type of regimen is being offered. Outpatient drug rehab offer initial assessment consultations to gather information about drug usage, types of substances being used, how long has the client been using and other historical data. Staff will use the results of assessment to prepare a treatment plan. The plan usually includes weekly group meetings with other clients as well as an individual session. Often times weekly drug testing is included to aid in monitoring whether or not drug usage is continuing.

Difference Between Outpatient Drug Rehab and Inpatient Rehab

There are definite differences between outpatient drug rehab and an inpatient program that you will want to be aware of. Inpatient rehab requires that the client live within the facility full time. Usually there is a blackout period where no contact with family or friends is allowed. Severely addicted individuals may require this kind of disconnection so that they can focus on themselves without distraction. Outside employment is not usually something that is permitted during the first phases of inpatient rehab although some programs encourage obtaining employment at some point during the residency. For those who already have employment that they are trying to maintain during the rehabilitation program an outpatient drug rehab may be more suitable. As indicated by its title, outpatient drug rehab allows the client to live at home. The clients still learn to focus on themselves but may not require or be willing to endure complete separation from their family. It does not put limitations on contact with family and friends although creating a support system independent of the usual circle is encouraged.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

Many addicts will find the outpatient drug rehab to be less difficult in that there is not a significant amount of upheaval in their day-to-day living arrangements. Clients stay within their current living environment and maintain their current vocation or continue their studies if they are in school. Staff assists them in create alternative activities and ways of dealing with their thoughts and emotions. During this time they are taught how to make better choices and keep themselves out of harms way by changing some of their associations and by attending various types of groups that offer support and reinforcement.